No Rules in Art Journaling! 😍

That’s right….No Rules, NADA, None, zip, Zilch!!

Just get started! I know everyone says ” just start”, but that REALLY is the first step. On a napkin, notepaper, sketchbook, or fancy journal. How about all of the above!

Art journal page of Susan Walker Art

Grab your favorite writing tool and start making marks through words, pictures, numbers in form of graphs, charts, and measurements. How about those senses? What do you hear, see, smell, feel? The weather you are feeling? Hot, cold, windy? What does the paper feel like and the pen in your hand? To sit, recording what is around you, the observations you are experiencing as you journal? 

Here in this journal page notice, I write sideways along with the page. I started with the sketch during a “waiting” time for my son. I jot a little about that (where I am, why I am there, what I am doing. What my son was doing while I waited on him.) After adding a few other notes such as the date, some weather notes I got off my weather app: temperature, full moon tonight, sunrise/sunset times. 

WPage spreads acoss the bottom of journal page of Susan Walker Art

Some other ways of thinking about what to document with pictures and words etc.  would be to ask “what is  going on here?” “I notice…” be specific with your words, pictures, or even numbers to tell the story of the moment. “I wonder…” Who is this, why are/were they here? What is happening? When did it happen? Why is it this way?

I hope you find this helpful to you for your journaling pages! I would love to see what you do. You can share your pages below in comments or on :

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