Uplifting Works of Hearts❣️

Bold new style on these hearts this time around. I’m just loving how my writing is looking against the bright colors. I can’t get enough of bright pink,yellow & orange combo. And lime,blue and aqua!

I create each one individually layering paper,then paint and drawings on a glass base. Measuring about 2″.

You can purchase at my studio in Portersville PA or online @www.susanwalkerart.com

February, Month of Love 💖 & Reconnecting💌

One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.

Lewis Carroll

From class: Connecting/drawing/designing your own cards

Have you seen the commercials for the biking or running machines where you can experience any coarse ,terrain in the world “without ever leaving your home”?    Are we entering an era where we won’t need to ever leave our homes? We can order all are groceries and shopping needs, chat with doctors on line, tune in just about anywhere ‘live’ to participate in endless events. I think even phone calls are less popular. It’s so easy to send off an email or a text to someone.  Use e-cards and on line gift certificates. Many of theses, if not all are possible to do with out ever interacting with people in person.

This all brings me to encouraging you for the month of February and planning on strengthening your connections with friends, family and those you encounter with mailing a card and/or letters . Yes the good old ORIGINAL form of SOCIAL MEDIA. Let’s make it fun for you and fun for the receiver! Let this time honored method connect you like no other!

  • Address your envelope first! You will always run to the last minute drawing and writing.
  • Keep stamps& address on hand

Let’s Create some cards!!

Simple…pen, blank cards from a box stores craft department. OR Envelopes and blank card stock to cut down to size.)

Optional: small paper cutter (to cut paper down to size)

Colored pencils or pens, markers

waterproof marker (Sakura my favorite) , watercolors

fancy edge scissors or corner cutters

And some tips form Lewis Carroll in writing a letter itself. 

Some February dates to keep in mind:

2-Groundhog Day

4-Thank Your Mail-man day.

Eat ice-cream for breakfast day.(invite someone to join you!)

7- Send a card to a friend day.( probably created by a card company)

8-Boy Scout Day (know any? Anyone who was a scout as a child?)

11-Make a Friend Day-Send a new friend a card

14-Valentine’s Day

15- National Gumdrop day

16- Do a Grouch a favor Day

17- Random Acts of Kindness Day

20-National Cherry Pie Day

20-Love Your Pet Day(or a pet lovers)

27- No brainer day ( I could of invented this one!!)

29- Leap day! Won’t happen for four more years!

For more details on these and MANY others that might inspire a letter of two try this holiday site.

Enjoy!! And if you would like to jon me in drawing and designing your own cards like above. Register for my class.

Support Small Business is Good Business

custom_fb-cover-photoHave you heard of Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday (SBS) , this November 26,2016 is the annual celebration of small businesses across the country. After the retail frenzy that is Black Friday (primarily aimed at big-box stores), this day will be an opportunity for local businesses to get some love.

This is my 3rd year participating. For me, it really brings the sense of community for me with my customers and fellow business owners. Been working hard to bring you new art, new one of a kind gifts for you. Unique and hand picked items you’ll love giving this season. AND at the same time giving back to the community when you shop small anytime.

Here’s a few Good reasons to SHOP SMALL

  • Local Small businesses are more likely to use the local banks, media and other services.
  • Local businesses contribute more taxes, jobs and income to the local community.
Small business:$100 spent/$45.stays in community VS Big box: $100.spent/$15 in community
  • Supporting local businesses are good for the environment. They tend to also buy local requiring less shipping and transportation.
  • Most Small Business owners believe that buying local matters to their customer and support back and invest in their community even more.

Can’t make it? Fear not, you can benefit from Small Business Saturday by ordering with me online the 26and 27th of November to receive free shipping off your order.

How else can you help Small Businesses like us?

Take advantage of local farmers markets and shopping events local to you where you’re likely to find unusual and unique items. Discover things grown and produced locally to you that you didn’t know existed. Check your local paper or Facebook events  for updates.

If you find a shop/trader/service that you like, recommend them to your friends. Word of mouth goes a long way.

If you do discover a great Small Business then give them a shout out by leaving us a comment and what you like about them.

It’s NEVER to late

​Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

T. Edison

I took piano lessons when I was a child like so many kids. I never did play well,I didn’t practice enough and struggled reading notes. I regret it still that I didn’t stick with it. Without practice it is difficult to get good at something. To be exceptional requires another level if dedication…

People say to me a lot” I wish I could draw.”  Yes,drawing requires some level of skill, but I don’t think we are born able to draw or paint well.Any more than playing the piano. When someone makes that statement,I ask “Can you write your name?” (so far I always get a yes for an answer.) “Then you are able to draw.” We aren’t born able to write our name but with practice we learn. Taking on spelling,grammer and all that goes with writing.

I have been drawing all my life. It still comes and goes. I haven’t been to a life class in years and have hope to go next week. But when I sit down with the model in front of me,fears will return…can I do this,will it turn out OK,I don’t want to make a fool of myself…but I’ll pick up that pencil and like one key at a time, I’ll make marks on the paper hoping it will be in harmony with the other lines and come out somewhat in tune.(I’ll share with you what happens when I go😋)

If they don’t,that too is a lesson learned as I tell my students. What doesn’t work! 😂😂

I hope if you have a desire to draw,play the piano or pick up something you haven’t done in sometime,you’ll invest in yourself and try it again. Even when it gets frustrating as it almost always does, you’ll commit to continuing and will find improvement and joy along the way.

New Logo…NO,an Actual Logo

Another box√ what a crazy productive couple of days.
 Logo created after all these years of business. Applying it here to my class brochure. PINCH ME..this is so much FUN!! And I’m not even half the fun we have in classes. 

You guys share the best energy! :0)


Gather & Create

Hopefully your seeing this on my new blog too!! Its not perfect but I’m much happier with this site so far. Lot of work ahead yet but I am off and running again by posting my up coming class descriptions and dates. So hop over to CLASSES and join me!

Art Ornament
Art Ornament




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