Nature Journal Winter Life

#Backyardexplorer is the first of the pines I intend to observe around my home. I am drawn to winter at this time. This particular Hemlock is one my husband planted. His love of the hemlock and all things trees comes from a father figure, he’s gone home too soon, and working with this amazing man in his nursery. This is one of many on our property. So we see him all around us through the trees.  ( not one bit of this I journaled 🤦‍♀️…gonna need to add!)

I brought in a sprig of pine to work from. Using a # pigmamicron 005 to draw most of it. I used a.01 ( heavier line) in areas that I wanted to make appear closer. A little perspective trick. 
Recorded some weather, and other little facts I like to track. Go with what interests you or simply date it.
These pens are waterproof so if I want to come back and add some watercolor, I can. Colored pencils to are always a good, flexible option.

No Rules in Art Journaling! 😍

That’s right….No Rules, NADA, None, zip, Zilch!!

Just get started! I know everyone says ” just start”, but that REALLY is the first step. On a napkin, notepaper, sketchbook, or fancy journal. How about all of the above!

Art journal page of Susan Walker Art

Grab your favorite writing tool and start making marks through words, pictures, numbers in form of graphs, charts, and measurements. How about those senses? What do you hear, see, smell, feel? The weather you are feeling? Hot, cold, windy? What does the paper feel like and the pen in your hand? To sit, recording what is around you, the observations you are experiencing as you journal? 

Here in this journal page notice, I write sideways along with the page. I started with the sketch during a “waiting” time for my son. I jot a little about that (where I am, why I am there, what I am doing. What my son was doing while I waited on him.) After adding a few other notes such as the date, some weather notes I got off my weather app: temperature, full moon tonight, sunrise/sunset times. 

WPage spreads acoss the bottom of journal page of Susan Walker Art

Some other ways of thinking about what to document with pictures and words etc.  would be to ask “what is  going on here?” “I notice…” be specific with your words, pictures, or even numbers to tell the story of the moment. “I wonder…” Who is this, why are/were they here? What is happening? When did it happen? Why is it this way?

I hope you find this helpful to you for your journaling pages! I would love to see what you do. You can share your pages below in comments or on :

Empty Tomb=Full of Hope

Empty Tomb traceable art from Susan Walker Art
Empty Tomb printable art to trace from Susan Walker Art

The Bible speaks of the empty tomb of Jesus in several places. As I read the different accounts I can’t help to imagine what it was like to be Mary Magdeline and the other Mary when they went to the tomb the morning following the crucifixion of Christ. Already missing their friend. Talking about the events like women do. Rehashing the journey to the cross, his death was so fresh in their minds.

“Did you see how they reacted? I can’t believe that gambled for his clothes! His poor mother.”  I’d be tearful, angry at how he was treated. How brave and courageous he endured and suffered. Knowing it was my sin that put him there on that cross. Just wanting to get where they last were with him. Then it occurred to them, how were they going to get in the tomb with the oils and spices they had. The huge stone was there and nobody around to move it…hum.  Then they see it, the huge stone is no longer blocking the tomb and they can see it is EMPTY. Their dear friend is gone!

I love this account from Matthew 28:1–4

“After the Sabbath, at dawn on the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to look at the tomb. There was a violent earthquake, for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it.”

This tomb is not actually empty, but full of hope in Christ. Soon we too will celebrate the empty tomb and rejoice in his rising up again!

I created this page with one of my favorite mediums, watercolor and ink pen.

Here too is a fun and easy recipe for Resurrection Rolls. Easy to make from premade dough and marshmallows! You will find a little bit about how they relate to the story of the empty tomb.

Full Recipe to Print here from Around My Family Table

Spiritual Growth Mindset in 2121

Spiritual Growth Mindet with Romans 12:2 Bible Art Journaling Page
mixed media Bible page in Romans: 12:2

My most recent BibleArtJournaling class. I starting the year out with a Spiritual growthmindset. The first step in this mindset growth I feel is to focus your mind on God first. Then all the other areas can fall into place.

Romans 12:22 (A)Do not be conformed to this world,[a] but be transformed by (B)the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may (C)discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.[b]

In order to put this into practice, first: notice my mind has strayed, second: stop and ask the Holy Spirit to help me put my mind on what is right according to God. Recal Romans 12:2.

That might mean to stop thinking about what is in it for me, how a circumstance affects me, and think of others, their point of view. It could be music or a movie that I should be switching off. But if we can think upon God, the Holy Spirit is sure to put our minds then actions in the right direction. If it still is a struggle call upon the Holy Spirit to help you in that area, that moment. I think you will find he won’t disapoint.

This page is created with acrylic, pencil, charcoal pencil, and torn paper. Instead of writing out the verse, I wrote a prayer I can say in pencil subtly on the page. While accenting words about what I should be setting my mind on that I want to remember and will catch my eyes when I flip through my Bible.

If you would like a FREE RESOURCE of verses and Quotes to refer to as you build your spiritual growth mindset, I have on HERE.

Love 2020

Bible Art Journaling
Genesis 21:22

2020…What does everyone do when you see 2020? ‘Can’t wait till its over!

It has even became a verb “I’ve been 2020ed!”.

As the year 2020 wound down I can say I too was looking forward to getting to the new year. But I usually do because, by this time in the year, it means the Christmas hustle IS over. Can I get a YES girl!

My favorite day of the Christmas season is the 26th. Around here, all the things are done. Shopping, wrapping, cooking, and visiting IS Done! We sit around eating leftovers, cookie trays, playing a new game or two, and savoring the down. In past years if my kids wanted to visit friends they came here or they had to arrange rides(now they can drive themselves) but I was not going out! So I am ready for the calendar change for sure.

*2020 I think got a bad deal as far as reputations go. Yes, it was a challenge in so many ways. But challenges make us grow. That I did and I am grateful for it.

*So here’s a my list of 2020 Love 💕

*Learned I can get around technology better than I ever thought after school shutting down, no planning ahead, and jumping into virtual teaching for art and skills for living of all things.

*Blessed with great internet service as we strained it frequently.

*I am truly good at winging it or on a postitive take-” going with the flow”.

*Loved working from home. So no doubt I AM an introvert!

*My family likes each other. We all loved being home for school and work. Yes all 6 if us!

*I do need all the things I thought I wanted. What I needed was truly under my roof. ( in my art studio too😁)

*I attended more church services in new places around the world than ever in one year and never got in my car.

*Affirmed I love my church when I did get back in my car and learned I won’t have anyone ever tell me again I can’t go if I want to.

*To work along side of really giving people to provide for our community.

*To be humbled by those so grateful for a hand, support, a prayer when it was the last thing they wanted to need.

*To see the creativity to “make it work” as Tim Gunn says in a variety of businesses, schools, churches, and all around my town. I really look forward to new things and ways when it shakes out. So many adjustments are showing signs they are not going away. From virtual online shopping for things like cars, homes, decorating, curbside pick up, zoom style meetings to name a few I think will be long-term. I mean whoever thought we would be buying a car without test driving it or seeing it in person!

*To know what courage truly looks like as Covid stole in the dark of the night from families, communities, friends. They got back up again, stared it down, and fought back to go on.

*2020 clarified many beliefs for me. Now I stand firmly.

Bible Art Journaling,Genesis 21:22
Genesis 21:22

*2020 gifted time like I never experienced before and learned what was truly important and brought me joy.

*That the shortage of pumpkin spice this year caused me to savor every bite and taught me to stash even sooner!

2020 continued to bring new life into the world. People still fell in love, ran off and got married, still had birthdays, planned, and leaned into hope. I also understand from a Home store employee friend, a LOT of home improvements are still being done!

Gods kingdom continues to grow and spread love and hope.

2020 wasn’t perfect, but what year is? I prefer to choose to see the clarity in 2020 and it’s good side. If I were to continue to sit, wonder, and think I am sure I could find more… I hope you too can find some in it.

Thankful in ALL Circumstances

To be thankful in all circumstances as God tells us I find quite challenging at times. When I remember this command it does seem to put me in my place quickly. Because I know it can be worse, it has been worse and I then become quite thankful for the things that seem little. They are actually the big things.

For the art journaling, I went with the November theme of Thankful. I worked in Philippians 4:10-13. As I read that verse I am reminded of being in need and learning from those times to now be more content. I like when ‘nothing extra’ is going on, just hanging out, having health, family, and friends. Not that I don’t want for more but I have learned to be more content. Thankful for all the things. Also in class students applied it to these verses: Hebrews 12:28, 1 Thessalonians 5:18, 1 Chronicle 16:35.

Drawing out the words in pencil first. Turning it on the side of the margin for a changeup. I then scattered leaves and fall items I love around the word. Before putting ink to the page, I decided on what little images would be behind the word. If you have some behind, through, and in front, you will create depth and take your drawing to another level.

I love using the Sakura Pigma micron markers. For outlining the word I used the .05 to give it more weight and then the .03 for drawing the items, details .01. ( set here)

Using regular colored pencils for images and watercolor pencils for shading in the word I could then blend with water and not disturb the drawings. You could also do this the opposite way like one of my students did and Used regular colored pencil for everything and then added a watercolor pencil background that she blended.

Interested in this traceable? Pop over to my shop for this and others I have designed.

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