Making Ice Tea at Home

Cold Brew Iced Tea- *this brewing method tea does not get acidic the longer it brews

Iced Tea teabag painting in watercolor
watercolor by Susan Walker Art

To make cold brew iced tea, it is quite simple. I recommend five Tablespoons of loose leaf tea per gallon of water. You can adjust the amount based off of the desired amount you wish to brew. Natural tea bags are a great way to store the loose leaf tea as it brews or a larger reusable filter may do the trick. Make sure you give plenty of room for the tea to expand as it brews. This I find is key to getting more out of your loose leaf tea.

After placing your loose leaf tea in your tea bag or reusable filter put the tea bag in water that is room temperature or cold filter. Warm water adds more minerals and can change the flavor. Brew time can be anywhere from 12 hours to 24+ depending upon the desired strength. The great benefit to cold brew style tea is that it will not get acidic the longer you brew it.

I like to take about 1-2 cups of tea after brewing, tea leaves removed and warm it up. I then add my honey or sugar. Stirring, once dissolved I add this to the rest of the tea to sweeten. About 6 drops of doTERRA lemon essential oil to a gallon, chill to perfection.

Instant Iced Tea

One of the other more popular iced tea preparations would be the “instant iced tea” recipe. There are two varieties of this method and I’ll cover both for you. This is a super quick brew time and is more suited for individual cups versus an entire pitcher of iced tea.

To make it using hot filtered water simply brew your desired tea double strength. Once it has finished brewing I remove tea bag, add sweetener and stir till dissolved. and simply pour it over a cup of ice. This hot brew method is an easy preparation method that is quick and easy. One drop of lemon essential oil is enough for a large glass.

To make instant iced tea using cold filtered water simply brew your desired tea double strength. This time however make sure the ice cubes are included with the water and teabag. You can leave the teabag in for as long as you would like. This method enables a cold brew style like tea that will increase its strength throughout the day.

One of my favorite organic teas is Passion Blend. A wonderful balance of fresh and sweet. Organic green rooibos is blended with organic hibiscus flowers and organic lemongrass for a light flavor with a sweet & sour kick. Caffeine free and great hot or iced!

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Bible Journaling Easy Insert to extend Your writing area & Use Those Stickers!

See how you can add more journaling space,privacy or cover up mistakes in your Bible Art or journals.
Create extra space to put notes,journal and/or have privacy under your art. Glue the entire piece in and you can cover up unwanted art or notes.

This is an easy Bible art journaling technique to expand the area you want to write notes or add an image to accent a message in a beautiful way over notes. This technique too I used some stickers for the first time. So so easy too.

Materials: paper big enough to cover area you would like. I used a piece of blue copy paper. It’s not very heavy. A sticker out of “Happy Planner Faith” stickers and the decorative tape sticker from pack. You could use anything you have for words,art etc. And plain or washi tape to hold it to page. Basic supplies such as cutting board or scissors,pencil,ruler, protective mat.

Have Fun with Your Faith through Bible Art Journaling

Bible Art journaling with Susan Walker ArtBible Art Journaling should bring you closer to God,deepen your faith and dare I say be fun.

Our God is not looking for perfection from us. Just the same expectations as what our moms asked of us, to just do our best. When you Bible art journal the desire is to go deeper in His word and give him glory. Nothing wrong with enjoying ourselves either. Does Bible study always have to be serious to be effective? I think not.😊 So grab a color or two,read the word ,listen to what God has to say, make some notes, add some splashes of color. Rejoice in your time…that’s about it.

Would you like my Bible highlighting guide? Click here to receive it for yourself.

Bible Art Journaling-Getting Started with Susan of “Draw in the Word”

A few materials to start
Bible Art Journaling 🎨

Some of my favorite benefits from Bible Art Journaling:

  • Allows time and a space to focus on scripture.
  • Enhances your relationship with God by being in His word.
  • Opportunity to worship through being creative.
  • Combines the mind and body (brain exercise-Yeah).
  • Marries passions, interests and goals.

A few supplies is all you need to get started, AND the Bible isn’t one of them!

  • Acid free/waterproof makers for your outlining, lettering and journaling. Acid free in any of your product choices is a bonus.
  • Mechanical pencil with WHITE eraser or a separate white vinyl eraser. No sharpener needed and these erasers are gentle and do not leave color behind on page.
  • A Bible app for quick topic, word & Bible verse search.
  • My fave is YouBible for my phone.

NOW lets get COLORFUL! Purchase the best quality you can afford. You won’t regret it. Going for quality over quantity. Which equals better color.

Extras are endless but a few goodies:

  • A Bible.(In your favorite version) I suggest a journaling or note takers Bible. They tend to have a heavier paper and columns for your journaling and illumination.  Accept erasing and a variety of art materials too.

Watercolor Cards & Bookmarks in the Forest

June 15 10a-2p

Simple watercolor Techniques and lettering to apply to your own greeting cards and bookmarks. Stop by the Cook Forest Saw Mill Center for the Arts on June 15 anytime between 10a 2p. Susan will guide you in each step. When completed, you will have several finished cards or bookmarks for sending.
For adults and Kids! All supplies provided. $5. Benefits the Saw Mill Center for the Arts.

Watercolor Cards in Cook Forest PA

You will be guided in making watercolor for cards. All supplies provided. Location is the Saw Mill Center for the


Art and Nature @Jennings Environmental Education Center

The viral ponds of spring sang as we watercolored postcard size paintings of the surroundings. Brandi,from Jennings Environment Education Center, shared bits on habit, animals and how the pond effects forrest life. An awesome group of painters came out for the afternoon. I guided them in get a base started then we moved out to finish directly from the pond site. Adding plant life and making each our own.😊

An awesome afternoon! 🏵️🎨💚

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