Sketching on Location during School Field trip…How you can too.

Part of my life as an artist is my family,my kids,their school. I began driving bus a couple years ago. It allows me to be involved with their activities and just as important,has created a routine to paint and work.

BONUS: Opprotunities to work out on location too. 

None of my own children were on this one so it provided me with a few hours to. Hangout with the high school kids and sketch.

Simple supplies of a machanic pencil ( no sharpener required)., Waterproof pen. Sakura Pigma .03 my choice,a water rush and a travel pill case with a few colors.For now, I’ve settled on Transparent Yellow, Quinacridone Red, Phthalo blue, with Payne’s Gray and VanDyke Brown.

Oh,and a small white vynal eraser.😉

My favorite sketchbook of Hand Journal.

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