My Art made it to the first round!

I am so excited to have a few of my artworks make it into the First Round of this International Competition! I told myself I would get my Art out there in new places, and in new ways. It is scary. It’s hard not to get emotional, or personal about my artwork. Each piece has been developed and poured out from my being. Some of it willingly other parts coaxed, dragged, sent back for a do-over but ‘we’ have done this dance of creating together. Nobody can step in for me, take this one dance while I sit and watch. If so it then is their piece. 
I can’t resist checking the status before a deadline. I am checking if they actually received it, will there be a notation it was rejected, an error in the application, or something? No, nothing dramatic, just that deadline listed. And so I go about my next thing. Likely to check again in another day or two. (or an hour or two.)
Putting yourself out there is a challenge, but in the end, the growth is worth it.
What have you challenged yourself with lately? I would love to hear in the comments below.


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Susan Walker creates bright, bold, encouraging mixed media acrylic paintings. Custom paintings and pet portraits. Conducts,drawing, Twisted line,travel sketching for mixed media paint & sip classes for adults and children as well as many others at her location or yours.She works in her home studio while sharing it with family and fellow creatures: Lucy the beagle, Pickles the once independent city slicker, 6 koi, 3 uninvited but welcomed frogs in their pond. Here you can follow along in her life as an artist & business owner in her daily life as a mother,wife. Mixed media is her medium of choose,building up layers of paint, texture, stamping and just about anything else lending to the topic. She enjoys the whispers of encouraging words in her art. Inspiring words can be the focus or whispers among the images she draws and paints. She feels the world around us is filled with criticism and pressure where our own thoughts and being gets forgotten. Sometimes she states encouragement and inspiration boldly as the focus of the piece or just under the surface and among the layers for the discerning eye to discover. Susan continues to work with pen/ink and watercolor using them in her art and in her almost daily sketchbook journals. Can see more of my work : FAN PAGE:

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