Making Ice Tea at Home

Cold Brew Iced Tea- *this brewing method tea does not get acidic the longer it brews To make cold brew iced tea, it is quite simple. I recommend five Tablespoons of loose leaf tea per gallon of water. You can adjust the amount based off of the desired amount you wish to brew. Natural teaContinue reading “Making Ice Tea at Home”

Bible Journaling Easy Insert to extend Your writing area & Use Those Stickers!

This is an easy Bible art journaling technique to expand the area you want to write notes or add an image to accent a message in a beautiful way over notes. This technique too I used some stickers for the first time. So so easy too. Materials: paper big enough to cover area you wouldContinue reading “Bible Journaling Easy Insert to extend Your writing area & Use Those Stickers!”

Have Fun with Your Faith through Bible Art Journaling

Bible Art Journaling should bring you closer to God,deepen your faith and dare I say be fun. Our God is not looking for perfection from us. Just the same expectations as what our moms asked of us, to just do our best. When you Bible art journal the desire is to go deeper in HisContinue reading “Have Fun with Your Faith through Bible Art Journaling”

Bible Art Journaling-Getting Started with Susan of “Draw in the Word”

Some of my favorite benefits from Bible Art Journaling: Allows time and a space to focus on scripture. Enhances your relationship with God by being in His word. Opportunity to worship through being creative. Combines the mind and body (brain exercise-Yeah). Marries passions, interests and goals. A few supplies is all you need to getContinue reading “Bible Art Journaling-Getting Started with Susan of “Draw in the Word””

Art and Nature @Jennings Environmental Education Center

The viral ponds of spring sang as we watercolored postcard size paintings of the surroundings. Brandi,from Jennings Environment Education Center, shared bits on habit, animals and how the pond effects forrest life. An awesome group of painters came out for the afternoon. I guided them in get a base started then we moved out toContinue reading “Art and Nature @Jennings Environmental Education Center”

Be in the Bloom

Be in the Bloom” is a 6×6″ $40. available here Bold pink and orange blossom on a background of homey-combs. Orange floras are said to represent enthusiasm and excitement which are sure to feel when you add this to your home or office.

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