• More Color Play

    More Color Play

    I enjoy playing and experimenting with how one thing works with or against another. It for me is about how i react to a line a color stroke, add another and observe how I feel and react again. It is a continuous dance. Sometimes I am right in step and other times…finding the beat. The…

  • Energized by this color story!

    Energized by this color story!

    Loving these colors and patterns. New discoveries await in the play! Materials: old dictionary,acrylic, posca pens,gell pens and pigma markers.

  • First 2023

    First 2023

    The first hike and nature sketch of 2023 is DONE! A lovely cloudy day and cool air of 43 here in eastern PA tries to discourage the desire to go out. But my daughter Taylor loves the outdoors and we started a tradition a couple of years ago. We go on our first hike on…

  • September’s Susan Walker Art Bible Art Journaling

    September’s Susan Walker Art Bible Art Journaling

    When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours.” Romans 1:12 To lift up and glorify God is always the very first class goal. Beyond that, it’s my aim that you enjoy the project, you are pleased with the end result, and you’ve…

  • Time to think VACATION Simple Sketching Supplies

    Time to think VACATION Simple Sketching Supplies

    Those of us who are creative HAVE to pack some art supplies. You just never know when the inspiration may strike! And we know that can be ANYTIME, especially on trips!! So here are a few of my favorite things… add a bag to fit it all and just grab and go. This selection can…

  • Daffodil Watercolor Sketch

    Do what you can with the moments you have….you too could be pleasantly surprised! 💙 Sketchbook page all ready with some snippets of paper.I began sketching in the car. On the way out of studio a little early to bus I wanted to squeeze in a bit if sketching. I grab a daffodil. Something other…