First 2023

The first hike and nature sketch of 2023 is DONE! A lovely cloudy day and cool air of 43 here in eastern PA tries to discourage the desire to go out. But my daughter Taylor loves the outdoors and we started a tradition a couple of years ago. We go on our first hike on Jan 1. Heading to a nearby McConnell’s Mills State Park. The beautiful waterfall and actually lush ferns contrasted with the dark color of the saturated ground surprised me. We just came through one of the coldest spells in history here. But these pieces of hemlock scattered the floor everywhere. It was odd to me but I guess they broke from ice and snow. So, I chose it as my subject in my weekly nature sketch.

I like the idea of traditions and habits but I struggle with seeing them through. The season of my life is changing and I hang on to us doing as a family but my kids are reaching the age of going on their own or no longer wanting to hang with the family. I cling to getting one more time in. I love the idea of daily/weekly habits but when the time comes, I often have to talk myself into the process. But always, once I show up aka:get out, start the drawing, make the move I am happy I have done it for more reasons than I can count.

*I am using an 8.5 x5.5 Hndbook Journal andSakura Pigma .005 black pen.

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