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  • More Color Play

    More Color Play

    I enjoy playing and experimenting with how one thing works with or against another. It for me is about how i react to a line a color stroke, add another and observe how I feel and react again. It is a continuous dance. Sometimes I am right in step and other times…finding the beat. The…

  • Energized by this color story!

    Energized by this color story!

    Loving these colors and patterns. New discoveries await in the play! Materials: old dictionary,acrylic, posca pens,gell pens and pigma markers.

  • First 2023

    First 2023

    The first hike and nature sketch of 2023 is DONE! A lovely cloudy day and cool air of 43 here in eastern PA tries to discourage the desire to go out. But my daughter Taylor loves the outdoors and we started a tradition a couple of years ago. We go on our first hike on…

  • My Art made it to the first round!

    My Art made it to the first round!

    I am so excited to have a few of my artworks make it into the First Round of this International Competition! I told myself I would get my Art out there in new places, and in new ways. It is scary. It’s hard not to get emotional, or personal about my artwork. Each piece has…

  • No Rules in Art Journaling! 😍

    That’s right….No Rules, NADA, None, zip, Zilch!! Just get started! I know everyone says ” just start”, but that REALLY is the first step. On a napkin, notepaper, sketchbook, or fancy journal. How about all of the above! Grab your favorite writing tool and start making marks through words, pictures, numbers in form of graphs,…

  • Daffodil Watercolor Sketch

    Do what you can with the moments you have….you too could be pleasantly surprised! 💙 Sketchbook page all ready with some snippets of paper.I began sketching in the car. On the way out of studio a little early to bus I wanted to squeeze in a bit if sketching. I grab a daffodil. Something other…