Lost finding an Old Cemetery 

Nice weather and a simple FB post leads us out to near by Moraine State Park and a hiking adventure!

As spring break was coming to an end and a beautiful day appeared, my daughter Taylor and oldest son Colton were ready to get out a while.So after a day in the studio we did just that. I checked a local Facebook page to see if any of the nearby parks were talking about some blooms or butterflies, though I suspected it was to early. But to our surprise someone posted about finding an Old Cemetery  off a horse trail.

Taylor thought they would make excellent photos. I thought now a hike with a purpose.

After what seemed like MANY miles and retracking…here’s a sketch of a lost cemetary we did find. Not the one we were looking for.😕

The iron fence was amazing. Especially  for it age I guessed. Head stones were difficult to read, some shifted and sad that families were too long gone to visit, pray for or maintain.  So maybe by remebering in this sketch it will show their not forgoten. I can tell the story everytime someone  asks about it.

*Still trying to confirm name of this one.

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