Thankful in ALL Circumstances

To be thankful in all circumstances as God tells us I find quite challenging at times. When I remember this command it does seem to put me in my place quickly. Because I know it can be worse, it has been worse and I then become quite thankful for the things that seem little. They are actually the big things.

For the art journaling, I went with the November theme of Thankful. I worked in Philippians 4:10-13. As I read that verse I am reminded of being in need and learning from those times to now be more content. I like when ‘nothing extra’ is going on, just hanging out, having health, family, and friends. Not that I don’t want for more but I have learned to be more content. Thankful for all the things. Also in class students applied it to these verses: Hebrews 12:28, 1 Thessalonians 5:18, 1 Chronicle 16:35.

Drawing out the words in pencil first. Turning it on the side of the margin for a changeup. I then scattered leaves and fall items I love around the word. Before putting ink to the page, I decided on what little images would be behind the word. If you have some behind, through, and in front, you will create depth and take your drawing to another level.

I love using the Sakura Pigma micron markers. For outlining the word I used the .05 to give it more weight and then the .03 for drawing the items, details .01. ( set here)

Using regular colored pencils for images and watercolor pencils for shading in the word I could then blend with water and not disturb the drawings. You could also do this the opposite way like one of my students did and Used regular colored pencil for everything and then added a watercolor pencil background that she blended.

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