Nature Journal Winter Life

#Backyardexplorer is the first of the pines I intend to observe around my home. I am drawn to winter at this time. This particular Hemlock is one my husband planted. His love of the hemlock and all things trees comes from a father figure, he’s gone home too soon, and working with this amazing man in his nursery. This is one of many on our property. So we see him all around us through the trees.  ( not one bit of this I journaled 🤦‍♀️…gonna need to add!)

I brought in a sprig of pine to work from. Using a # pigmamicron 005 to draw most of it. I used a.01 ( heavier line) in areas that I wanted to make appear closer. A little perspective trick. 
Recorded some weather, and other little facts I like to track. Go with what interests you or simply date it.
These pens are waterproof so if I want to come back and add some watercolor, I can. Colored pencils to are always a good, flexible option.

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